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What our principals should know about PWC

PWC is a professional organization established in 1962 to provide manufacturers
with aggressive representation in the electronics marketplace. We are dedicated
to capturing a high percentage of the available sales dollars for our principals.
This is accomplished by supporting our customer at every phase of their
products' cycle by bringing the best products and solutions to the customers'
engineering, manufacturing and purchasing departments. Through continuous
sales calls we provide updated information on existing business, present new
products and technologies and build a strong and unique relationship between
PWC, our customers and principals.

PWC will take the lead in technical training, inventory support, motivation and
sales support at the distributor level. Our Sales Engineers will work to qualify
opportunities with the distributors and accompany them on joint sales calls to
support their efforts. Our goal of market saturation can only be attained through
the ongoing development of a strong relationship between the principal,
distributor and manufacturer. Representatives and distributors have the
manufacturer in common but must come together at the customer level for

Our staff has a combined total of more than sixty years experience in sales,
marketing and product as well as project management with electronic
manufacturers and distributors. This experience coupled with degrees in electrical
and mechanical engineering make PWC a valuable resource. With this depth of
diversified knowledge and practical experience, PWC is chartered as a focused
line representative, concentrating in the area of electronic, electro-mechanical
and system & subsystem products. With this focus we bring an in-depth knowledge of these products and their applications to our customer. Our company continues to be interested in those lines which maximize our sales effort and can thus produce the greatest return for the principal and for PWC while building long term customer relationships.


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